Corporate Investigations

Conducting corporate fraud investigations is essential prior to purchase any goods or make an investment decision and failing to do so can be the most costly mistake your company can make.


Employment Background Checks can be extremely useful when recruiting potential employees, especially candidates for positions that require high security or a position of trust.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud generally consists of exaggerated or even completely false claims of damage. We proceed diligently, thoroughly and professionally to deal with any type of insurance claim.

Pre-Marital Investigations

With our comprehensive background check, you can get all of the information you need about someone before you get too emotionally or financially attached.


When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life, you need answers. Vietnam Private Investigators can help!

Service of Process

Serving all kind of legal/civil cases related documents like Summons, Petitions, Complaints, Divorce Papers, Commercial Documents, Corporate Litigation Papers in Civil and Business matter in all over Vietnam.